I am including maxin from one sass file from another sass file but got error with ionic serve command. Error : "Sass Error Invalid CSS after " @include": expected identifier, was '"../../../theme/mai'"

Code: from file where, i am importing mixin

action-sheet-layout-1 { 
@include '../../../theme/main.scss' 
@include "settingAnimationHeader"; >>> this is imported mixin define in main.scss
   { z-index: 99999; right: 16px; top: 56px;
... }

Code of mixin define in main.scss

@mixin  settingAnimationHeader { 
@keyframes headerOff { 
from { 
background-color: theme-colors('mainColors', 'primary'); 
to {
 background-color: transparent; } 
} ... }

I am new to ionic and SASS, is that i am doing right include or i am missing something. Directly structure of both file from APP root.
src/theme/main.scss >>> mixin define in this file.
src/components/action-sheet/layout-1/action-sheet-layout-1.scss >>> mixin imported.


You can rename your main.scss file to _main.scss

The prefix '_' tells the sass/scss compiler that this file is a partial. And so, the compiler will not try to compile the file.

Sass partials


at the top of your SASS file (action-sheet-layout-1.scss) you need to include: @import "../../../theme/main.scss" then you can access the mixins inside main.scss by doing @include settingAnimationHeader; inside the css rule where you want to apply this mixin

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