I working on an application on Google App Engine. Its been going really well until I hit one of their limitations in file size -- 1MB. One of the components of my application resizes images, which have been uploaded by users. The files are directly uploaded to S3 (http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?externalID=1434) via POST. I was planning on using a CDN to delivered the resized images.


I was wondering if there was CDN that provided an API for resizing images through HTTP call. I found out that SimpleCDN once provided the service, but has sense removed it. I would like to tell the CDN to resize the image I am requesting from the URL.

For example,

original URL: http://cdn.example.com/images/large_picture.jpg resized image to 125x100: http://cdn.example.com/images/large_picture.jpg/125/100

Does anyone know of CDN that provides a functionality like this? Or have a suggestion to get around the 1MB limit on Google App Engine (not a hack, but alternative method of code).


Looks like I have found a service that provides what I am indeed looking for. Nirvanix provides an image resize API and even has a nice library for Google App Engine to use with their API. Just thought I would share my findings.

  • Thanks for sharing! Did this work out well for you in the end?
    – donut
    Nov 19 '09 at 6:53

SteadyOffload does it as well.


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