I have created maven project with selenium and TestNG. When I run the project using pom file it does not generate TestNG results (test-output folder). But when I run the project as testng.xml->(right click) run as -> TestNG suite, it generates the results

  • "When I run the project using pom file" how/what exactly are you running? – Morfic Mar 21 at 11:30
  • Check whether the target folder Or test-output folder is getting generated in your project root directory. – Manmohan_singh Mar 21 at 14:19

While working with multiple frameworks e.g. TestNG, Maven, Gradle due to synchronization issues within your IDE sometimes the test-output folder doesn't gets populated with the intended test results/output and the output tends to remain buffered. In these cases once the Test Execution gets completed Refresh the Maven Project and your test-output folder would get populated with the intended results/output.

  • In results/output folder also does not have testng-results.xml – Primal Jul 16 at 6:47

As you are running testng tests from Maven (Surefire), your output folder will be target instead of test-output as defined by the surefire plugin, so if you are looking for file testng-results.xml or any other testng files then check at \target\surefire-reports\testng-results.xml

  • Yeah. I have checked this as well. But there is no testng-results.xml in that location as well. – Primal Jul 16 at 6:45
  • when u say "When I run the project using pom file", so have you configured your testng.xml in pom? (in surefire plugin), if possible please provide the pom.xml file's surefire snapshot or code – qaautodev Jul 16 at 8:30

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