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I have an list of objects:

[class RetailerItemVariant {
    sku: 008884303996
    isAvailable: true
    price: 70.0
}, class RetailerItemVariant {
    sku: 008884304030
    isAvailable: true
    price: 40.0

What's the best way to extract an array of the SKU's in Java 8? e.g.:

["008884303996", "008884304030", ...]

Im new to Java and this is very easy in Javascript using the map() function but I haven't been able to find a similarly simple way of doing it in Java...

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Since you use Java 8, the stream api can help you here:

List<String> skus = itemList.stream()

Try with stream java 8:

List<String> listSku = list.stream().map(r->r.getSku())

Also in Java 8 there are map you can use :

List<String> listSku = listRetailerItemVariant.stream()

It varies from your start collection and your end structure, but your basic code should look like this:

     .map(variant -> variant.getSku())

As start structure, if you use Arrays instead of collections move from myList.stream to Stream.of(variantArray).map().

And as for your end structure, adjust if instead of an ArrayList::new you want a HashSet (HashSet::new) or a linked list (LinkedList::new)

and if you have many, many item variants and you'd like to collect their Skus fast and in any order, consider parallel stream processing by adding parallel() to the stream() function:

     .parallel() // for parallel processing
     .map(variant -> variant.getSku())

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