In a phoenix project, I can reference digested img in a css file with:

background-image: url("/images/phoenix.png");

and that references:


I would like to reference the same file, but the image src added with javascript, like so:

document.querySelector('#my-img').src = '/images/phoenix.png';

But this only references:


How can I configure the phoenix endpoint to instead serve the digested img file?

(I would like this functionality for updating cached file purposes)

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Since you know the image file beforehand, you can have a javascript variable and set the value to the URL to that image file and use it later in your script

Something like this in your .eex template:

 // using static_path(@conn, "/path/to/asset") will give the digested file url
 var disgestedImageUrl ="<%= static_path(@conn, "/images/phoenix.png") %>";

Then have your script that uses the URL in your .js file

  document.querySelector('#my-img').src = digesterImageUrl;

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