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I have string in the bellow format:

let str = "url(#123456)";

My string have only number contain in it. It can be any where. I want to extract the number 123456 from the above string.

I am using es6.

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str.replace(/[^0-9]/g, '')

let str = "url(#123456)";
console.log(str.replace(/[^0-9]/g, ''))

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another way to do it

let str = "url(#123456)";


I did it in a way too complicated way, but it does not involve regex so it's probably better to understand:

let str = "url(#123456)";
str = str.split("#");
str = str[1].split(")");
str = str[0];


Using only Array methods:

console.log("url(#123456)".split('#').pop().slice(0, this.length -1))

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