I am trying to only download files that are created today, just like tomorrow I would only want to download files created tomorrow only. Essentially I log into the remote server with my script and download all the files right now with synchronize local. What I want to do is just only download the files created today. Right now I just added the filemask and I am still getting all of the files however I only want today's files.

open sftp://location.net -passphrase="passphrase" -hostkey="key"
synchronize local C:\Users\localdrive\Desktop\test2   /Home/remoteFolder/

I also tried

get /Home/remoteFolder/ -filemask=*>1D

and it hasn't changed anything.

Any suggestions would be great.


Use a file mask with a time constraint and the today keyword to create the today's constraint.

get -filemask=">=today" /remote/path/* C:\local\path\

The today keyword is supported by WinSCP 5.15 and newer only. In older versions, you can use %TIMESTAMP% syntax:

get -filemask=">=%TIMESTAMP#yyyy-mm-dd%" /remote/path/* C:\local\path\

Your *>1D file mask downloads files created/modified in the last 24 hours, so not only today's files.

Further reading:

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    This is great. I was exactly looking for this. @Martin Prikryl .. you are such a great man!. Thanks Aug 22 '19 at 8:35

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