I want to use Material-UI Next textfield error props link, the props type is boolean. The previous version of Material-UI props name is errorText and the props type is node link.

Textfield Material-UI previous version using errorText props :

  hintText='Type your name'

With errorText in Material-UI previous version, the code works good for displaying an error state.

Textfield Material-UI Next using error props:

  placeholder='Type your name'
  error={true} //only accept true or false value

On Material-UI Next errorText props changed to error with boolean type and only accept true or false value. If i set the error props to true, the textfield displaying error state at any time. I just want to displaying error state under certain conditions.

How can i use error state this.state.error on Material-UI Next textfield?

  • Why don't you keep the error condition in the component state? – galah92 Mar 22 '18 at 9:36
  • @galah92 do you mean error={this.state.error}? – Ras Mar 22 '18 at 10:11
  • Exactly. I'm using a variant of value={this.state.value} and error={this.state.value === ""}. – galah92 Mar 22 '18 at 10:12
  • @galah92 with value={this.state.value} and error={this.state.value === ""} it not shown an error message, i tried to use error={this.state.error} but nothing happens. I want to show an error message with red text color if error happens. As use errorText property at the previous version of material-ui. – Ras Mar 22 '18 at 11:18

Using a react component state, one can store the TextField value and use that as an indicator for an error. Material-UI exposes the error and helperText props to display an error interactively.

Take a look at the following example:

  onChange={event => this.setState({ text: event.target.value })}
  error={text === ""}
  helperText={text === "" ? 'Empty field!' : ' '}
  • Thank you for your answer, i tried and it works. – Ras Mar 23 '18 at 3:41
  • With MUI 3, helperText requires a React Node – Wilk Sep 28 '18 at 6:56

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