I have a lot of text processing (e.g. xml, json, yaml) and I'd like all the parsed sub-strings to refer to the input buffer, rather than copying.

I'm somewhat influenced by Golang's slices, which all have optimal size (ptr+len). Since we don't really have a GC in C++, probably copy-on-write and refcounts make a more appropriate design.

Optinally, I'd to abstract away also static c-strings under the same string/slice class.

Is there one solution that provide all of:

  1. Avoid copying when taking substrings.
  2. Copies-on-write when writing.
  3. Wraps static c-strings with the same class.
  4. Not OS/compiler specific (i.e. gcc's std::string won't work).

If not, what else should I consider when implementing this? (I'm thinking of using atomic ops to manage refcounts, and marking c-strings with a null refcount).


  • std::string_view is no good since it doesn't provide requirement 2.
  • Specific scenario: I'd like parse a json document without creating many sub-string copies. Then I'd like to change only one string value.

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Adobe stlab libraries have a wrapper class for copy-on-write funcionality.

However, you might be interested in just going with std::string for writing and std::string_view (C++17) for reading, since they are standard. Performing a copy is a matter of making a new std::string, meanwhile copying a std::string_view will only copy it's description (base pointer and size).

For reference counting, there's std::shared_ptr and std::enable_shared_from_this

  • Thanks @jorge-bellón , however I'm looking for a something that would give me both write operations (string) and zero-copy (string_view) together. AFAIK the standard library doesn't provide this. – John Doughnut Mar 23 '18 at 11:35

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