I read the Android Ref, but still don't know. Is it diffrent?

I am using getOriginalUrl() in my code:

public void onBackPressed() {
    if (webView.getOriginalUrl().equalsIgnoreCase(URL) || webView.getOriginalUrl().equalsIgnoreCase(URL+"?id=id")) {
    }else if(webView.canGoBack()){

from the Documentation


Returns the original url of this history item. This was the requested url, the final url may be different as there might have been redirects while loading the site.


Returns the url of this history item. The url is the base url of this history item.


If the site requested redirects you to another site, getOriginalUrl(); will return that site url
while getUrl(); returns the base url you requested, not the final
which final means the last site you're in now.

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