I have built .net core microservices and deployed in PCF. I have implemented the hystrix circuitbreaker using Pivotal steeltoe framework and Eureka Service discovery.

While running locally on my computer, it all works well, I get the ciruit-breaker to work as desired and see the Hystrix dashboard showing the right graphs.

Problem comes when I deploy the same to Pivotal Cloud foundry. In PCF, everything else works just as fine( service discovery is alright, I can make requests to my microservices, can see circuit breaker working as desired as it does on my local), but I can NOT find a way to get the Hystrix dashboard working. It keeps showing "loading..." instead of showing graphs.

Just for reference, I still can see the stream data in browser being streamed by my app running on PCF. I am using following URL to feed the stream to Hystrix dashboard:


any idea what could I be doing wrong here? anyone else had such a problem? Any help is appreciated.

  • found it myself, just had to change the reference of nuget: – learnedOne Mar 25 at 5:42
  • steeltoe.io/docs/steeltoe-circuitbreaker/… .... following changes needed to be made in nuget references: Steeltoe.CircuitBreaker.Hystrix.MetricsStreamCore (when targeting Cloud Foundry) or Steeltoe.CircuitBreaker.Hystrix.MetricsEventsCore (when running locally) – learnedOne Mar 25 at 5:48

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