I am Using Django Rest Swagger with Python 2.7 and Django 1.11 . I am trying to use OAuth authentication with Swagger. I have included this in my settings.py

"basePath": "/v2",
    'api_authorization': {
        "type": "oauth2",
        "in": "header",
        "tokenUrl": "http://localhost:8000/o/token/",
        "authorizationUrl": "http://localhost:8000/o/authorize/",
        "name": "Authorization",
        "state": "random_state_string",
        "flow": "accessCode",
        "scopes": {
            "read": "Reading scope",
            "write": "Writing scope"



When I click the Authorize button in Swagger it doesn't ask for client-id, instead it shows following screen.

enter image description here

How to make the Django Rest Swagger wotk with OAuth Authentication?

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