I am working on angular 5 application, and I have requirement of applying dynamic css in style tag in template. I have tried some solutions but they are not working.


customCss : any;


   this.customCss['color'] = "red";


   <span class="custom_css">This is angular 5 application</span>

      color: {{customCss.color}};

When I inspect the custom_css class in browser then in style it shows

   color: {{customCss.color}};

Any help is appreciated.

  • Have a look at this stackoverflow.com/a/46536494/112104 – Posto Mar 23 '18 at 12:45
  • Its working on all other cases but doesn't work for css part. – Lakhvir Singh Mar 23 '18 at 12:49
  • I don't this Angular will allow you to have style in template. But it's easy to create dynamic element. – dfsq Mar 23 '18 at 12:52

You can use [ngStyle] directive:

<span [ngStyle]="{'color': 'red'}">
 This is angular 5 application

Or like so:

<span [ngStyle]="applyStyles()">
 This is angular 5 application

And in component:

applyStyles() {
    const styles = {'color' : 'red'};
    return styles;

The given answer works if you have few elements to change in a given component, if you need to change the full overall look and feel of your app based on user's choice (and on the fly), the only way i found so far is to override css in the javascript like the following:

this.stylesService.get().subscribe(({ customStyles }) => {
     const style = document.createElement('style');
     style.innerHTML = 
     `.picture {
         background-image: url(${customStyles.backgroundUrl});
     h1, h2 {
         color: ${customStyles.primaryColor};


You can use [style.customClass]=“methodInComponent()”...

This will apply the class if the method in your component returns true.


By the way if you set the color like this:

<div [style.color]="color"></div>

where color='var(--cssValue)' it would not work!

However, this works correctly:

<div [ngStyle]="{color: color}"></div>

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