I've been using knockout.js fairly effectively in my latest web-app, and it's great. However, I now need to implement a treeview, and the current contenders are here: http://www.programmingsolution.net/useful-js/jquery-treeview.php

JSTree is the one under current development, but seems to require to be initialised with html or json - under knockout, I ideally would like to have the ul list built automatically, and the treeview then automatically update after that. The "Treeview" one seems to be able to use an existing ul list, but has been deprecated

Has anyone else had any experience of using a treeview with knockout?

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turns out this one does: http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-treeview/

so far, anyway.

hope this is of use to someone else


TreeView won't work with KnockoutJS, as both modify DOM model - you won't be able to access your observables from JSTree. Google for Knockout Kendo, it's a mashup of Knockout and Kendo, which will allow you to use TreeView in your Knockout based website.

EDIT: However, note that Kendo is under GNU-GPL license, which means, IIRC, that you would have to publish your website as open-source.

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