I was told that I need a 3x2x2 mixed ANOVA. I am new relatively new to SPSS. I was wondering if someone could explain how to the data needs to be structured in SPSS. Meaning, how would I structure the rows and columns?

I have 3 trials of data (each trial containing hundreds of measurements) with 2 treatment conditions (0 Volts, and 15 Volts), and 2 different substrates used on which I grew cells (TCPS and PCSA) this is the in-between groups.

Please see this Infographic


I originally ran multiple T-tests but was told to do ANOVA, here is the original plot with t-tests (it gives an idea of how I originally intended to look at the data).


As a side note- if anyone knows how to do this with python, I am also open to do it that way. Just based one what I have gathered, SPSS seems to be the only route.

  • If you are looking for statistical guidance, you should post this question on Cross-Validated. Is you're asking how to run an ANOVA on SPSS, you should start by googling how to run two way anova in spss. – eli-k Mar 24 at 17:21
  • @eli-k I did extensively. I think my case was different due to the 3 trials. I finally did it in R. – Kyle Lynch Mar 24 at 19:12

For anyone in the future: I was not able to do this in SPSS. However doing this in R is relatively simple. Put all data in one column of a CSV file (all 3 trials). For my case I had 3 additional columns of identifiers (Trial, Voltage, and Substrate). Open the file in R, store the data as a model, then run the ANOVA on the model with:

model1 <- lm(NeuriteLength ~ Trial + Substrate*Voltage, data = D) anova(model1)

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