I made a few gateways / providers to integrate with an API in my API, using RX Swift and I'm trying to handle the pagination in what seems to me like a clean and simple way.

Basically, the function signature would look like that:

func getPlaces(with location: CLLocationCoordinate2D) -> Observable<(value: [Place], next: Observable<(value: [Places], Observable<(value: [Place], next: ... ... >>

This quickly appears impractical, so I tried creating a typealias for that:

typealias Result = Observable<(value: [Place], next: Result?)>

So my function signature would look like this:

func getPlaces(with location: CLLocationCoordinate2D) -> Result

But Xcode wouldn't get fooled so easily and calls me out for referencing my typealias inside itself

So... is it even doable ? How ?


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I don't think this is possible using a typealias because you are creating an infinite type. The only way I can think of is to make Observable a recursive enumeration:

enum Observable {
   case end([Place])
   indirect case node([Place], Observable)
  • So, it works ! "Observable" is not appropriate, since it's an RxSwift type, but I mixed our approaches
    – ElFitz
    Mar 31, 2018 at 15:19

So, I mixed my approach with Nibr's, using a single case. This allows to handle pagination much more simply (in my opinion) from the ViewModel's side

enum Result<T> {
    indirect case node([T], Observable<Result>?)

    var value: [T] {
        if case let GatewayResult.node(value, _) = self {
            return value
        return []

    var next: Observable<Result>? {
        if case let GatewayResult.node(_, next) = self {
            return next
        return nil

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