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I need to find a way to get the current date, and check if that date is at the end of a month, for example December 31 or November 30. I also need this to happen separately from the other code using a thread. I have tried using datetime's date module and calendar, but I need some advice, or maybe a solution.

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  • I need it in a thread though – Rohan Mar 25 at 5:49
  • 1) That's a separate question. 2) That's easily googleable. What exactly is the problem? 3) There you go. – Aran-Fey Mar 25 at 5:54
  • Why do you think you would do it any differently in a separate thread vs the main thread? Or are you asking how to do threading in Python? If so, that is a separate, orthogonal question and you should post another question specifically for that problem statement. Or, better yet Google it, since it has most certainly been answered before. – Joel Cornett Mar 25 at 6:00

Why do you want to do this in another thread? The overhead cost of spinning up a new thread is greater than the cost of running this code in the caller thread.

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    I have code running over and over again, and if I do not check continuously then it wouldn't be effective. Also, I need the program to run in the background, not when the user is using the program. – Rohan Mar 25 at 6:27

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