I am trying to understand Kentico and need one help. I have one product (or service) with fixed price. This is what I want: Customer browse home page => click buy button => they will be redirected to form to fill more details (ex:personal detail like name, age, email) => redirect to payment page => Then to PayPal on click of Pay now. Once customer paid, they will be given access to browse different page.

What is best solution for Payment logic here. Do I need to consider any e-commerce feature of Kentico or ignore e-commerce and go with PayPal Buy button is the best? I am also thinking how to keep track of the payment detail if I use PayPay buy button.

PayPal is the only allowed payment type. Please let me know if you have any inputs.

Thanks, Sharath

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IMHO you will spend more time and effort attempting to setup that checkout process that you want vs. setting yo the e-commerce solution within Kentico. You can install the Dancing Goat e-commerce site and essentially copy all of the checkout process they have there and get what you're looking for simply by configuring the solution.

  • Thanks Brenden and mnield for your inputs here. But I found it difficult to understand the complete flow. I copied/edited Dancing Goat site's checkout process files but still unable to reach the payment. step. I configured the PayPal settings using Sandbox account. Because it doesn't require complete ecommerce features, I hard coded the price and Payment method to Paypal but nothing happens on click of Payment button. Also I noticed there is no code in "\PaymentGateways\PayPalForm.ascx.cs" and on debug code reaches here and do nothing. Is there anything I need to write/configure here?
    – Sharath
    Apr 1, 2018 at 9:32
  • and I am using Kentico 10
    – Sharath
    Apr 1, 2018 at 9:46

It sounds like e-commerce membership is what you're after to me; it allows you to restrict access to various pieces of content on your site to paid-up 'members' only. e-products might work, but I think from your description that membership us what you're after.

There are some fairly straightforward steps to setting this up:

As Brenden says, you can save a lot of time using the dancing goat checkout if you're new to Kentico.

Also, check out configuring PayPal in Kentico. I've not used it for a while personally, but it is built-in.

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