I need to dynamically replace functions with anonymous subs for my mocking framework Test::Mockify. Internely I used Sub::Override. But I have here an Issue with the prototype of the functions I like to mock. I recognized the Issue because of the warning (Prototype mismatch: sub ($;$) vs none). In order to show the problem I reproduced the Issue without this frameworks in plain perl.

My example package with a function with prototype:

package Hello;
sub FunctionWithPrototype($;$){
    my ($Mandatory, $Optional) = @_;
    return "original. m:$Mandatory. o:$Optional";

My example test:

use Hello;
sub test {
    no warnings 'redefine';
    # no warnings 'prototype'; # This would hide the problem

    is(Hello::FunctionWithPrototype('mand', 'opt'), 'original. m:mand. o:opt' ,'prove return value before change');
    is (prototype('Hello::FunctionWithPrototype'),'$;$', 'Prove prototype output of function');

    my $OriginalCode = *Hello::FunctionWithPrototype{CODE};
    # warn: Prototype mismatch: sub Hello::FunctionWithPrototype ($;$) vs none
    *Hello::FunctionWithPrototype = sub {return 'overriden'};

    is(Hello::FunctionWithPrototype('mand', 'opt'), 'overriden','prove the mocked function');
    # warn: Prototype mismatch: sub Hello::FunctionWithPrototype: none vs ($;$)
    *Hello::FunctionWithPrototype = $OriginalCode; # 

    is(Hello::FunctionWithPrototype('mand', 'opt'), 'original. m:mand. o:opt' ,'prove return value before change (should be as before)');

I could think of a solution like:

my $proto = prototype('FunctionWithPrototype') ? (prototype('FunctionWithPrototype')):undef;
*t::TestDummies::DummyImportTools::Doubler = sub $proto {};

But this is , of course, not compiling: 'Illegal declaration of anonymous subroutine', adding a var in the sub is not possible

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Use string eval:

eval "*Hello::FunctionWithPrototype = sub (" .
    prototype('Hello::FunctionWithPrototype') .
    ") {return 'overriden'};";
  • I thought also about this, but i was not sure if this is a evil hack ;-) So i did it now like this: sub AddPrototype {my ($Path, $Sub) = @; my $Prototype = prototype($Path); if($Prototype){ my $CodeAsString = B::Deparse->new()->coderef2text($Sub); return eval( "sub ($Prototype) {$CodeAsString};"); } return $Sub; } – Christian Breitkreutz Mar 26 at 13:20

You want the Sub::Prototype module. Use it thus:

my $original = \&foo;
my $replacement = sub { ... };
*foo = $replacement;

I decided for the eval approach. Works fine for me. Since the eval will swallow possible typos, I throw the Error in order to have useful error messages for debugging.

sub AddPrototypeToSub {
    my ($Path, $Sub) = @_;
    my $Prototype = prototype($Path);
         my $SubWithPrototype =  eval( 'return sub ('. $Prototype .') {$Sub->(@_)}');
         die($@) if($@); # Rethrow error if something went wrong in the eval.
        return $SubWithPrototype;
    return $Sub;

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