I'm trying to establish a merge replication between SQL Server 2012 (SP2) servers. In the New Subscription Wizard, I want to setup the Agent Schedule and I have the following error when selecting "Define schedule..."

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Of course I have Googled the error but can't find anything helpfull.

thanks for your time and help

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I suggest you leave the subscription as Run on demand only during creation, then invoke it manually via Replication Monitor to see if it synchronizes your data successfully and then add the synchronization schedule manually via a call to sp_addmergepushsubscription_agent like below:

exec sp_addmergepushsubscription_agent @publication = N'Publication_Name', @subscriber = N'Subscriber_Server_Name', @subscriber_db = N'Subscriber_DB', @job_login = null, @job_password = null, @subscriber_security_mode = 1, @publisher_security_mode = 1, @frequency_type = 4, @frequency_interval = 1, @frequency_relative_interval = 1, @frequency_recurrence_factor = 0, @frequency_subday = 8, @frequency_subday_interval = 1, @active_start_time_of_day = 100, @active_end_time_of_day = 235959, @active_start_date = 0, @active_end_date = 0

The above call will add run-once-per-hour-every-day schedule to a merge publication called Publication_Name in the subscriber server name Subscriber_Server_Name and Subscriber DB = Subscriber_DB.

I have obtained this call example by running Generate Scripts over my existing Merge Publication with Subscription schedule defined.

Read more about sp_addmergepushsubscription_agent parameters and their possible values here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/system-stored-procedures/sp-addmergepushsubscription-agent-transact-sql

Note, this is not uncommon for some Replication related action to fail in SSMS UI but to succeed via manual stored procedure execution. You just need to generate the correct sp_* call.

Hope this helps to resolve your issue.

  • it worked perfectly. thanks a lot for your help – Dominic Mar 27 at 13:01
  • @Dominic, you're welcome! Thanks for the answer accept and vote-up :). – andrews Mar 27 at 13:13

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