The idea is make ExporParts function in Export Class works with any WebData derivative. To do that I need to know the T type class and it name.

The solution proposed works, but I have to write it manually. I was wondering if possible know the class name only with the current information about the type.

In the other hand, reflection is not an option. Too expensive.



// Data gathered at runtime, may be other derivative class
WebData data = new BikeModel();
Webdata data2 = new FooModel();

BikeParser parser = new BikeParser();
FooParser parser2 = new FooParser();

// Should be BikeModel, FooModel
Class<?> returnedtype = parser.GetreturnType();
Class<?> returnedtype2 = parser2.GetreturnType();

// Exporter algorithms wrapper
Exporter exporter = new Exporter();

// Finally export data

// Works too


public abstract class WebData { ... }

// Data models
public class BikeModel extends WebData { ... }
public class FooModel extends WebData { ... }

public interface IParser <T extends WebData>
T ParseData();    
Class<T> GetReturnType();

// Concrete class
public class BikeParser implements IParser<BikeModel>
public BikeModel ParseData() { ... }

public Class<BikeModel> GetReturnType()
    return BikeModel.class;

// interface to export diferent types of data
// BikeModel, FooModel, etc.
public interface IExporter<T extends WebData>
    void ExporParts(T data);

// Concrete Exporters
public class BikeExporter implements IExporter<BikeModel> { ... }
public class FooExporter implements IExporter<FooModel> { ... }

public class Exporter

   private IExporter exporter;

   public void SetExporter(String name, Class<T extends WebData> type)
    exporter = ExporterFactory.GetExporter(name,type)

   public <T extends WebData> void ExporParts(T data)
      Class<T> c = (Class<T>) data.getClass();        
  • Do you want the programmatic type or just the type name? Mar 27, 2018 at 11:49
  • @ryanwebjackson I need the type, because I have to choose at runtime which algorithm run. However I am going to expand the question.
    – ppk
    Mar 27, 2018 at 11:54

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I think you're just looking for a class literal:

public Class<BikeModel> GetReturnType()
    return BikeModel.class;

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