So I have an svg icon, I am using angular material to display it and wanted to change the color on hover but so far I haven't been able to do that. Here's the code for reference:

<mat-icon svgIcon="menu"></mat-icon>

The icon comes up however when I try,

<mat-icon class="color" svgIcon="menu"></mat-icon>

and in css part

.color:hover, .color:active{
color: black;
fill: black;

It doesn't work. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.


Solved it myself this morning, what I did basically was opened the svg file with a text editor and there was a fill property at the end of the long "Path" attributes, I simply deleted that part and now it works awesome.


<path d="M47.713,274.096c0,3.866,3.134,7,7,7s7-3.134,7-7v-64.653l87.584-`66.53v52.38c0,3.866" fill="#ffffff";/>`


<path d="M47.713,274.096c0,3.866,3.134,7,7,7s7-3.134,7-7v-64.653l87.584-`66.53v52.38c0,3.866"/>

now everything works, and hover works too... Thanks a lot for still looking into it.

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  • Only answer that has worked out of many other posts!! thank you – cfl Sep 2 at 16:20

SVG icons are black by default unless otherwise specified, the code you posted seems to be working, try changing the color property on hover to red and see if you can see the change.

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