I'm having some trouble regarding the session timeout configuration of my JSF 2.2 web application deployed on Websphere Liberty Profile

Sometimes (it's an intermittent behavior) after just 1 minute of inactivity the session expires.

I have configured this on my server.xml:

    <httpSession cookieHttpOnly="false" cookieName="FGI_JSESSION_ID"  
idReuse="true" invalidationTimeout="15m" 
    <ltpa expiration="15m" 
keysFileName="${server.config.dir}/resources/security/ltpa.keys" /> 

In addition, I have put this on my web.xml:


The idea was to have a 15-minute-timeout. Does anyone know where I might be missing it?

Thank you

  • How do you know the session expires? Can it be that there is a problem with a cookie so the server cannot match/find an existing session? The reason I ask this is that 'intermittent' behavioUr ;-) is most likely not caused by a configuration error. And try with a plain jsp or something. JSF does effectively not know about sessions and just uses what the container provides – Kukeltje Mar 27 '18 at 19:57
  • your session timeout settings in server.xml looks valid. Are there any firewalls configured that is causing this behavior ? – Vasanth Raghavan Apr 1 '18 at 12:38

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