I have two tables,

  1. accounts = accounts in my app (id, name, created_at)
  2. accounts_history = account change history (history_id, account_id, history_change_date, field, status_name)

In the accounts_history table there is a column that categorizes the change to an account record (field) that can contain two values, field=Status (value changed on record) or field=Created (Account record was created). Every accounts record should have a record in accounts_history for field=Created, but does not always have a record for field=Status.

What I am trying to query is a count of the accounts and their field=Status changes and if one does not exist for an accounts record, then default to storing the field=Created record and COALESCE the column status_name (Associated with field=Status) with the value New.

With my current query I retrieve a table of accounts with each associated Status and Created record, but not de-duplicated by the field conditional.

Should I be using a UNION or sub-query?

Current Query:

SELECT    accounts.id as id
        , accounts.created_at
        , accounts_history.history_id as accounts_history_id
        , accounts_history.accounts_id
        , accounts_history.history_change_date
        , accounts_history.field
        , accounts_history.status_name
FROM accounts
LEFT JOIN accounts_history
  ON accounts_history.accounts_id = accounts.id
WHERE accounts.created_at::date = date '2018-03-14' AND (accounts_history.field = 'Status' OR accounts_history.field = 'created')
  • The accounts_history conditions in the WHERE clause makes the left join return inner join result. Move those conditions to the ON clause to get true left join result.
    – jarlh
    Mar 27, 2018 at 21:12
  • I'm not sure I follow. Do you mind providing an example?
    – cphill
    Mar 27, 2018 at 21:14

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Does field=Created update to Status or is a new entry added with field=Status? I'm guessing the latter.

SELECT DISTINCT ON (accounts.id), *
FROM accounts
JOIN accounts_history ON accounts_history.accounts_id = accounts.id AND accounts_history.field IN ('Status', 'Created')
WHERE accounts.created_at::date = date '2018-03-14'
ORDER BY accounts.id, accounts_history.id DESC

FYI, didn't test this script.

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