I am using the SingleThreadedConsumer example of the https://github.com/SolaceSamples/solace-samples-jms repository to connect to a Solace broker/destination, but whenever I connect it shows the error:

INFO: Connection attempt failed to host '' ConnectException - com.solacesystems.jcsmp.JCSMPTransportException:  
Error communicating with the router. cause: java.io.IOException: Stream error (zlib).

This is the correct host and port (although I've changed the details here) since I am able to connect directly using telnet. This same error is mentioned here but was not answered. No Exceptions are being sent to my ExceptionListener and so far I've been unsuccessful in turning up the logging levels. Help appreciated!

You have enabled compression on the API, but are connecting to the non-compressed port or vice-versa.

What are the compressed and standard (non-compressed) ports used by your application? On SolAdmin, go to General -> Basic Router Properties -> Look at the Services table to find out.

What is the "Compression Level" and "Port" on your connection factory? On SolAdmin, go to JMS Adminstration -> JMS Connection Factories -> Double click on your connection factory to find out.

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