When trying to run minikube with hyperkit, I was getting errors about xhyve not being installed. I installed that and reran minikube start --vm-driver hyperkit with no issues.

I was under the impression that hyperkit was a replacement for xhyve, not a supplement to it.

When I run ps I see both com.docker.hyperkit and docker-machine-driver-xhyve running.

How can I confirm that minikube is correctly using hyperkit?

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Docker for Mac changed virtualization layer few times last years, and it can confuse users after updates of environment.

If the process list shows both com.docker.hyperkit and xhyve processes is probably due to docker-machine environment which was previously set up using docker-machine-driver-xhyve.

You may consider cleaning up installation by

  • stopping Docker (from command line or from tray icon),
  • next removing machines created by docker-machine tool.

I can also suggest to remove current minikube installation using

minikube stop && minikube delete

and start fresh one with:

minikube start --v=10 --vm-driver=hyperkit" 

That will add additional verbose output of building minikube environment.

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This will give you the current driver for the current machine. Replace the second "minikube" with the name of your profile if you're using the --profile flag.

$ cat ~/.minikube/machines/minikube/config.json | grep DriverName


Strange, considering Hyperkit is supposed to replace xhyve eventually.

Make sure Hyperkit is built/installed and referenced by tour PATH.
And that you are using the latest docker-ce for Mac.


Use this command to get a list of each hypervisor instance that's running with hyperkit:

$ ps -ef | grep hyperkit

If minikube is running in hyperkit then the name 'minikube' should show up in the output:

0 29305     1   0 Tue06PM ??       515:01.32 /usr/local/bin/hyperkit -A -u -F /Users/me/.minikube/machines/minikube/hyperkit.pid -c 2 -m 2000M -s 0:0,...

The instance labeled as 'com.docker.hyperkit' is the process that's being used by Docker and is NOT the minikube instance.

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