How to disable the rule of discouraging the use of var and encouraging the use of const or let instead on ESlint?

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    It is boolean flag. Set it to true or false in eslint.json config file. – Vayrex Mar 28 '18 at 2:31

In your package.json (assuming that is what you are using), include:

"eslintConfig": {
    "rules": {
        "no-var": 0

no-var is the rule, and 0 sets the rule to "off".

If you're not using package.json, you can set the the same in an .eslintrc.js, or, on a per-file basis, include a comment at the top of the file /* eslint no-var: 0 */.

All this comes from the ESlint Configuration Documentation.


Extending the previous answer, all of these variants work for comments at the beginning of the block:

/* eslint no-var: off */

/* eslint no-var: */

/* eslint no-var: 0 */

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