I am using the following code to write a text file to a Apache web server using vb.net via a text box. The code so far works but I want to give the text file a name. I am using the following php file to write

$msg = $_GET[‘w’];
$fp = fopen($logfile, “a”);
fwrite($fp, $msg);

And using this vb.net code

 Dim request As WebRequest = WebRequest .Create(“myserver.com/post.php?w=“ & Textbox1.Text)

I want to create a text box in the Vb.net application that will change the name of the written text file. I also don’t know a lot with php.

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  • I suggest that you use a POST request to pass the data to the server - some characters don't work easily in the query string. – Andrew Morton Mar 28 at 17:44
  • "I want to give the text file a name"...so send a another parameter containing the filename, then... – ADyson Mar 28 at 19:48
  • ADyson how do I do that – greatbetta _ Apr 3 at 6:08

You need to modify your PHP implementation to expect another query string parameter with the name of the file and include the same parameter in your call to myserver.com/post.php

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