I want to save one file to my machine, while automating a scenario using protractor. I have created an autoIt script, but no idea on how we can call the script in protractor.

Using Protractor with jasmine

  • you can try npm package: shelljs, or nodejs buildin module childProcess
    – yong
    Mar 28, 2018 at 23:55

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1) Build your AutoIt script into an .exe file.

2) Put the EXE file as a part of your project source code

3) Following below code example to execute the EXE by shelljs

var shell = require('shelljs');

// relative file path for the autoit exe
var cmd = './autoit/xxx.exe';
var task = shell.exec(cmd);

if (task.code !== 0) {
    shell.echo("execute AutoIt script fail: " + task.stdout);

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