Working on dissertation. I'm trying to set up a template for a line graph I have to repeat countless times. I'm having issues with the legend specifically (but also with changing the X axis two names, centering the top title).

Here is my code, I'm getting the attached picture.

  /GRAPHDATASET NAME="graphdataset" VARIABLES=MEAN(AccuPreCUBEnoOut)   MEAN(AccuPostCUBEnoOut) RDageSplitNominal 
SOURCE: s=userSource(id("graphdataset")) 
  DATA: SUMMARY=col(source(s), name("#SUMMARY")) 
  DATA: INDEX=col(source(s), name("#INDEX"), unit.category()) 
  DATA: RDageSplitNominal=col(source(s), name("RDageSplitNominal"), unit.category())  
  GUIDE: axis(dim(2), label("Mean CUBE Accuracy")) 
  GUIDE: text.title( label ("Baseline to Post Training CUBE Accuracy Scores by Group*Age"))  
  GUIDE: legend(aesthetic(aesthetic.color.interior), label("RD by AGE"))  
  SCALE: cat(aesthetic(aesthetic.color.interior), include("Older nRD", "Older RD", "Young nRD", "Young RD"))
  SCALE: linear(dim(2), include(0)) 
  ELEMENT: line(position(INDEX*SUMMARY), color.interior(RDageSplitNominal), missing.wings()) 


enter image description here

1/ Why is my legend doubling? I need the colors of the lines paired with the 4 names. And the order of presentation is off too, younger RD should be the first blue line and so forth.

2/ How do I command to center the title?

3/ How do I command to change the x-axis values to simply be PRETEST POSTTEST?

4/ How do I command the whole graph to be of white background without the black border?

Thanks for your feedback.


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