With the following code, I am able to get the RECT of the client area of a window:

RECT pos;
GetClientRect(handle, &pos);

However, the left and top members are always 0. This only returns information about the width and height of the client area of the window. I am looking for the coordinates of the client area on the screen, not just its size.

Using GetWindowRect() does not work, because it returns the window coordinates and not the client area. I want the (left, top) point to here:


But instead it points here:



From the MSDN example:

RECT rMyRect;

GetClientRect(hwnd, (LPRECT)&rMyRect);
ClientToScreen(hwnd, (LPPOINT)&rMyRect.left);
ClientToScreen(hwnd, (LPPOINT)&rMyRect.right);
  • Which returns an invalid rectangle on RTL systems, as explained in a comment. Plus, when quoting, do provide attribution. "The MSDN example" is hardly sufficient. – IInspectable Mar 28 '18 at 21:08
  • Consider using MapWindowPoints() instead. You can pass it a RECT and it will translate all 4 values at one time, as well as handle RTL translations: MapWindowPoints(hwnd, NULL, (LPPOINT)&rMyRect, 2); – Remy Lebeau Mar 28 '18 at 21:19

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