When searching for answers to Angular questions about RxJS (reactive programming), I sometimes end up on the http://reactivex.io/rxjs/ website, and sometimes in the Angular IO documentation (e.g., https://angular.io/guide/rx-library).

Are these the same? I think they are but wanted to ask and make sure.

Angular docs refer to the RxJS Docs http://reactivex.io/rxjs/ in the first paragraph describing what the RxJS library is.

Being new to Angular, and not having heard of the RxJS library before, I thought that Angular had it's own implementation of RxJS and that RxJS was just a specification, but upon examining the package.json file I can that RxJS under the @angular/ namespace (it is just npm install rxjs) and so it doesn't appear to me (anymore) that Angular is implementing it's own version of RxJs.

Some of my confusion was from the Angular docs describing RxJS (so I thought RxJS was part of Angular), but Angular docs also referred to the RxJS library. So which is it. That's why I wrote this question.

Please confirm that the RxJS package being described by Angular at https://angular.io/guide/rx-library is the same as the one at http://reactivex.io/rxjs/? And not a custom version/Angular of it.

If it matters, I'm using @angular/core version 5.2.9, and rxjs version 5.5.8.

Some other links I found when researching this

  • The link API Documentation (WIP) at the top of the readme on the GitHub repo points to reactivex.io/rxjs – Daniel W Strimpel Mar 29 '18 at 5:13
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    Just to answer this question: yes, Angular uses that package as a dependency. rxjs has existed indepdenrly of Angular, but it sort of became "big" because of Angular. It's still a separately maintained project, though. – Ingo Bürk Mar 30 '18 at 6:53

To find out yourself create a new project

Install the desired CLI version.

npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

Next create a new project

ng new myProject --skip-install

Now check the package.json

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    To answer your question, yes it is the same. Angular uses the RXJS package as dependency. – Robin Dijkhof Mar 30 '18 at 16:50

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