1) I try to rename a model and the layers in Keras with TF backend, since I am using multiple models in one script. Class Model seem to have the property model.name, but when changing it I get "AttributeError: can't set attribute". What is the Problem here?

2) Additionally, I am using sequential API and I want to give a name to layers, which seems to be possibile with Functional API, but I found no solution for sequential API. Does anonye know how to do it for sequential API?

UPDATE TO 2): Naming the layers works, although it seems to be not documented. Just add the argument name, e.g. model.add(Dense(...,...,name="hiddenLayer1"). Watch out, Layers with same name share weights!


Your first problem about the model name is not reproducible on my machine. I can set it like this. many a times these errors are caused by software versions.


As far as naming the layers, you can do it in Sequential model like this

  • Thank you for your answer! As already said in the update, I found the solution for the layer. But the model.name is still not working. Thank you though, I assume your anwser is correct! – user3921232 Mar 29 '18 at 8:34

For changing names of model.layers with tf.keras you can use the following lines:

for layer in model.layers:
    layer._name = layer.name + str("_2")

I needed this in a two-input model case and ran into the "AttributeError: can't set attribute", too. The thing is that there is an underlying hidden attribute _name, which causes the conflict.

  • Thank you.. I used ._name instead of .name and it works. – N.IT Aug 4 '20 at 9:06
  • Still works in tf.keras with TF 2.3. While this can be done with RNN Cells as well, be aware that Bidrectional Layers and some other things might get slightly buggy if the suffix of the original name is removed (the int counting the layer number, e.g. rnn_layer_3). – runDOSrun Aug 6 '20 at 15:43

The Answer from user239457 only works with Standard keras.

If you want to use the Tensorflow Keras, you can do it like this:

from tensorflow.keras.models import Sequential
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense

model = Sequential(name='Name')
model.add(Dense(2,input_shape=(5, 1)))

To rename a keras model in TF2.2.0:

model._name = "newname"

I have no idea if this is a bad idea - they don't seem to want you to do it, but it does work. To confirm, call model.summary() and you should see the new name.


Just to cover all the options, regarding the title of the question, if you are using the Keras functional API you can define the model and the layers name by:

inputs = Input(shape=(value, value))

output_layer = Dense(2, activation = 'softmax', name = 'training_output')(dropout_new_training_layer)

model = Model(inputs= inputs, outputs=output_layer, name="my_model")

To change only one layer name in a model you can use the following lines:

my_model.layers[0]._name = 'my_new_name_for_the_first_layer'
my_model.layers[1]._name = 'my_new_name_for_the_second_layer'
my_model.layers[-1]._name = 'my_new_name_for_the_last_layer'

Detailed answer is here How to rename Pre-Trained model ? ValueError 'Trained Model' is not a valid scope name

We can use model.name = "Model_Name" when are developing model and making it ready to train. We can also give name to layers. Ex:

model = Sequential()
model.name = "My_Model" #Naming model
model.add(Dense(2,input_shape=(...),name="Name") #Naming layer

for 1), I think you may build another model with right name and same structure with the exist one. then set weights from layers of the exist model to layers of the new model.

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