I've created a new application on flutter, and I've had problems with the screen sizes when switching between different devices.

I created the application using the Pixel 2XL screen size, and because I've had containers with child of ListView it's asked me to include a height and width for the container.

So when i switch the device to a new device the container is too long and throws an error.

How can i go about making it so the application is optimised for all screens?


You can use:

  • double width = MediaQuery.of(context).size.width;
  • double height = MediaQuery.of(context).size.height;
  • How to get app size without safe area – user7856586 Jun 18 at 9:14

MediaQuery.of(context).size.width and MediaQuery.of(context).size.height works great, but every time need to write expressions like width/20 to set specific height width.

I've created a new application on flutter, and I've had problems with the screen sizes when switching between different devices.

Yes, flutter_screenutil plugin available for adapting screen and font size. Let your UI display a reasonable layout on different screen sizes!


Add dependency:

Please check the latest version before installation.

    sdk: flutter
  # add flutter_ScreenUtil
  flutter_screenutil: ^0.4.2

Add the following imports to your Dart code:

import 'package:flutter_screenutil/flutter_screenutil.dart';

Initialize and set the fit size and font size to scale according to the system's "font size" accessibility option

//fill in the screen size of the device in the design

//default value : width : 1080px , height:1920px , allowFontScaling:false
ScreenUtil.instance = ScreenUtil()..init(context);

//If the design is based on the size of the iPhone6 ​​(iPhone6 ​​750*1334)
ScreenUtil.instance = ScreenUtil(width: 750, height: 1334)..init(context);

//If you wang to set the font size is scaled according to the system's "font size" assist option
ScreenUtil.instance = ScreenUtil(width: 750, height: 1334, allowFontScaling: true)..init(context);


//for example:
           width: ScreenUtil().setWidth(375),
           height: ScreenUtil().setHeight(200),

////If you want to display a square:
           width: ScreenUtil().setWidth(300),
           height: ScreenUtil().setWidth(300),

Please refer updated documentation for more details

Note: I tested and using this plugin, which really works great with all devices including iPad

Hope this will helps someone

  • if you use this plugin, it means you can only define 1 width and height for example if you use the iPhone 6 (iPhone6 ​​750*1334) then you have to use this values but how is that making it responsive across all different iPhones ???? – GY22 Jul 4 at 22:32

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