Android Studio 3.1
Kotlin 1.2.31

I have the following string resource that has the following text and special characters at the end "Provides extra %1$s"

For different languages the %1$s will not be present.

I am trying to create a method to try and see if it will be present. However, getting a false as I am thinking $ is a special character.

Is there a way to ignore the special characters I have tried to escape using the '/' but didn't work. as the method will always return false even though the special charactors are present.

private fun containsExtra: Boolean {
    val extra = "%1$/s"

    return resources.getString(R.string.extra).endsWith(extra)

Many thanks for any suggestions,

  • The usual character used for quoting special chartacters is '\', not '/'. I think endsWith(extra) should work with your example if you remove the '/'. But I wouldn't rely on this always being at the end, in all languages. – Arndt Jonasson Mar 29 '18 at 11:04
  • Your expect result is true ? – MeosCoder Mar 29 '18 at 11:08

Try to changeval extra = "%1$/s" to val extra = "%1\$s"

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