I'm new to Java. While exploring the ways of monitoring Cassandra, I found out(https://cassandra.apache.org/doc/latest/operating/metrics.html) that "Metrics in Cassandra are managed using the Dropwizard Metrics library". However, at several places I've read about Codahale Metrics which has got me confused regarding the difference/relationship between the two. Are these different libraries doing the same thing or is it that what's called as dropwizard metrics used to be called as Codahale Metrics earlier?

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The Metrics library have changed its package naming with versions as its changed hands in ownership a bit


They are all same library but dropwizard is the more up to date version

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    dropwizard still uses com.codahale as package name.
    – Leon
    Jul 12, 2018 at 3:13

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