I am using CouchDB as backend and PouchDB for querying / syncing DBs in a vuejs app.

I have 4 different types of documents all stored in one DB like above:

  "_id": "patientmed_001",
  "_rev": "1-b892ba78a095627af8aef65ac279cc84",
  "doctype": "patient_medication",
  "patient_id": "patient_001",
  "visit_id": "patvisit_001",
  "medicine_id": "med_001",
  "quantity": "1",
  "startdate": "20180101",
  "enddate": "20180201"

  "_id": "patvisit_001",
  "_rev": "1-f071319f39f4f5df2a1e8214ccc46453",
  "doctype": "patientvisit",
  "patient_id": "patient_001",
  "visitdate": "20010910",
  "complaint": "fever",
  "doctor_attended": "doctor_001",
  "feespaid": "300"

  "_id": "med_001",
  "_rev": "1-030b39b7773de39fb6a178d77d3d6461",
  "doctype": "medicine",
  "batch": "001",
  "batchdate": "20010910",
  "expirydate": "20021010",
  "unit": "bottle",
  "type": "pills",
  "vendor": "xyz",
  "curr_stock": "20",
  "cost": "200",
  "lastreplenished": "20180101"

  "_id": "patient_001",
  "_rev": "1-1772d5ff54c46b15642d0b10e5f3906d",
  "doctype": "patient",
  "FirstName": "Test",
  "LastName": "Patient3",
  "Gender": "Male",
  "DOB": "19401010",
  "Address1": "999, XYZ Street",
  "Address2": "ABC avenue",
  "City": "London",
  "Pincode": "AB1CD2",
  "State": "BlahBlah",
  "Country": "UK",
  "Mobile": "001182919112"

Is it possible to query in PouchDB to get relevant info from other docs by passing patient_id, similar to joins in RDBMS? (i.e.

SELECT PatMed.*, PatVisit.*, Patient.* from Patient P
INNER JOIN PatientVisit PatVisit on P.ID = PatVisit.Patient_ID
INNER JOIN PatientMed PatMed on PatVisit.ID = PatMed.VisitID

I'm not much familiar with RDBMS and I'm not sure if I get your question, but you can create an index like below.

var myIndex = {
  _id: '_design/my_index',
  views: {
    'my_index': {
      map: function (doc) {
          // emit patient_id as key and doc as value
          emit(doc.patient_id, doc);

Now you can PUT and query the above index to find all docs with a patient_id field equal to a certain value:

// save the design doc view and the corresponding index
pouch.put(myIndex).then(() => {
  // query the index
  return pouch.query('my_index', {key: 'patient_001'});
}).then(result => {
  // found docs with patient_id === 'patient_001'
  • Thanks for your reply, will give it a try. Actually, I understand there is a pouchdb plugin relational-pouch available to do such joins, but unfortunately it does not work well with Vuejs. – NetTechie Apr 3 '18 at 4:06

I used approach suggested by user3405291 and got all docs which has patient_id.

Based on doctype, I then pushed items to diff arrays and using a js library, JinqJS, I joined them to get the required data.


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