I used this plugin called Autoptimize to optimize js and css everything was working fine. But then I updated the theme and after that still it was working but suddenly it started showing error in console, it shows an error stating 404 not found. But I am not using this plugin anymore it still shows the error of autoptimize(Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)). Tried to find the solution not able to find. The website loads properly on but not on desktop Need serious help.

  • Did you uninstall the plugin the proper way? – Adam Mar 30 at 14:04
  • @Adam Yeah, I have installed it in a proper way. But again deleted it by seeing the error in console. – Preety Singh Mar 31 at 6:15

You can try a number of steps to debug and solve the issue:

  • Check if the plugin got uninstalled properly, if you have SSH access or FTP check that it's not on


  • Check that the content you're getting on the browser is not being cached by another plugin/service eg. cloudflare or something, do a hard reset of browser cache

How to do a hard reload on chrome

  • Check if the .htaccess is ok, most caching plugins change and add rules on the main .htaccess, the basic and default should be like this: Basic WP .htaccess if it looks different than that, ssh/ftp edit it to match that

  • Flush the permalinks on WordPress admin: Flushing Permalinks in WordPress

If none of the above works be more specific and input console information on what resource is not being found, good luck.

  • The website loads perfectly on a mobile device. Problem is only with laptop or desktop. In the console, I see it is searching for some image which is not present in the media library and some js file with autoptimize, not present. Another interesting thing is that is if I create a replica of the page it loads perfectly fine. But when I link it to be the front page of the website i.e the home page it shows error. – Preety Singh Mar 31 at 6:23

Sounds like your browser (or your server/wordpress) may have some pages stuck in the cache.

Try purging your browser's page cache, as well as any WordPress caches you can find.

  • @bob I tried clearing the cache through plugins as well as cleared the browser cache. Replica of the page works perfectly fine. But when I link it to exact page it shows error. – Preety Singh Mar 31 at 6:26

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