I'm trying to annotate text with Stanford CoreNLP v3.9.1 in Java. The annotators used are : tokenize, ssplit, pos, lemma, ner

I've included the model jar from https://stanfordnlp.github.io/CoreNLP/download.html. Both english models are included in my project (normal + kbp).

However, after loading the english.muc.7class.distsim.crf.ser.gz classifier, the following exception is thrown: Couldn't read TokensRegexNER from edu/stanford/nlp/models/kbp/regexner_caseless.tab.

After opening the download jar model stanford-english-kbp-corenlp-2018-02-27-models.jar, the correct path to regexner_caseless.tab is edu/stanford/nlp/models/kbp/english/regexner_caseless.tab (notice the english subpath).

How do I make Stanford CoreNLP use the correct path?

  • How did you solve your problem please elaborate – Kunal Mukherjee Mar 26 at 6:58

You are missing the main models jar that comes with the distribution.


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