I have a multi-project Gradle build that I want to build and test on CircleCI, and then upload the resulting images to Google Container Repository.

The project is setup with a Gradle Wrapper (gradlew) in the root directory. From the root directory I can call for example

./gradlew :backend:api:build

This builds the subproject and produces a fat jar. This fat jar is what I intend to put inside the final Docker image and deploy. To keep my Docker images as small as possible I have placed a Dockerfile in each subproject directory. What I want to do is only copy for example /root/backend/api into a Docker image, and build that subproject. This is where I run into trouble. When I attempt to

RUN ./gradlew :backend:api:build

inside the Dockerfile placed in root/backend/api it results in /bin/sh: 1: ./gradlew: not found. This is expected as ./gradlew is only available in the root directory. I'm trying to understand if there's a best practice in this scenario. A few options I've considered are:

  1. Put ./gradlew files in each subproject directory. Feels redundant and bad.
  2. Copy the entire repo into the image, rather than just /backend/api. This results in a much bigger image, which also feels redundant.
  3. Skip using the wrapper. Less predictable results, I think?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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