I struggle with following issue related proccessing Sass styles:

  1. I created site with its directory on desktop;
  2. I added contact form - for this purpose I moved site into localhost;
  3. I renamed index.html into index.php in order to work with contact form;
  4. Once index renamed, any of newly added SCSS styles are not updated;

Additionally I cleared .sass-cache - even this doesn't resolve issue.

Has anyone solution for this kind of issues?


Please, make sure you did these two things perfectly

1. Convertion of the SASS file .SCSS to .CSS ( There are couples of software, using the software you can convert sass file into .css file)

2. Carefully check the stylesheet link in your HTML file

  • Zakirbd, I checked both first and second point, but my issue occurs when I change extension: *.html into *.php in index file. When I leave html extension it's fine. But I want to use contact form, so I want index.php file not index.html. – bart gasser Apr 2 at 6:28
  • Can you show me PHP & SASS folders, HTML headers & problems screenshots – zakirbd Apr 2 at 9:51
  • drive.google.com/file/d/1TDJ23lleY_WvkFxRaKFGFMFVok-8s80K/… <-- here is screenshot of main directory in htdocs folder. In folder sass I have only style.scss, and in css folder i have style.scss – bart gasser Apr 4 at 14:51
  • I am sorry, I didn't get it, If don't mind, can you show me the html head section screenshot & css folder screenshot. – zakirbd Apr 5 at 3:57

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