We are migrating our database from Postgres to Redshift and we are having some challenges with converting Base64 string to Hex.

In the old situation (in postgres) we have a function :

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION hex_to_int(hexval character varying)
 RETURNS integer
 LANGUAGE plpgsql
AS $$
   result  int;
 EXECUTE 'SELECT x''' || hexval || '''::int' INTO result;
 RETURN result;

And we call this in the select:

encode(decode('AQDAAi0EAAoFAAcN5A=='::text, 'base64'::text), 'hex'::text) AS hexresult 
FROM table

The result is shown as: 0100c0022d04000a0500070de4

Redshift does not seem to support plpgsql functions, now looking for a different way to do this.

I have tried to do this with base64.b64decode

As a result I see:

  • Could you please check that your question is complete? You provided a function called hex_to_int, but your sample did not call the function. It appears that your requirement is to take a base64 string (eg 'AQDAAi0EAAoFAAcN5A==') and convert it to hex digits (0100c0022d04000a0500070de4) within an Amazon Redshift SELECT statement. Is that correct? – John Rotenstein Apr 1 '18 at 22:00

This Amazon Redshift User-Defined Function will convert base64 into hex digits:

CREATE FUNCTION f_base64hexdigits (s varchar)
  RETURNS varchar
AS $$
  import base64
  import binascii
  return binascii.hexlify(base64.b64decode(s))
$$ LANGUAGE plpythonu;

Use it like this:

SELECT f_base64hexdigits('AQDAAi0EAAoFAAcN5A==')



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