It's an angular modules question.

I have a few modules exported as npm-packages, and I need both of them for my application. let's call them Inner and Outer modules.

In application I've configuration for Inner, and use it's InnerModuleService.

In OuterModule I also have InnerModule dependency and need the same InnerModuleService as in application.

But I have no idea how to pass configuration for InnerModule from my application. Can anybody help me with that?

Here is more demonstrative snippet


let innerModuleConfig;

    imports: [
            config: innerModuleConfig
    exports: [InnerModule]

export class OuterModule {
    static forRoot(config: any): ModuleWithProviders {
        innerModuleConfig = config.innerModuleConfig;

        return {
            ngModule: OuterModule,
            providers: [InnerModuleService]


let appInnerModuleConfig = {};

    imports: [
            innerModuleConfig: appInnerModuleConfig
    declarations: [AppComponent],
    bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {}

you can do this with the loadChildren property with the path to the module file, then reference the module itself with a hash #.

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