I'm looking for something like a function

protected override void OnDisappearing()

in Xamarin Forms. The problem is that this feature is called even when I turn off the phone display. I'm looking for a feature that only responds to the event when the page is changed - for example, the user in the menu clicks on a page other than the one that is being visited.

thanks for your advice

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You will need to combine OnBackButtonPressed and OnDisappearing

OR OnAppearing and OnDisappearing

You can create a base page which implement OnBackButtonPressed and or OnDisappearing and or OnAppearing.

And you save "Active" page reference in a static variable.

// this condition can help you concerning the screen on or off
if(this.Title == Activepage.Title) // or id

What MVVM framework are you using? There are typically events built into the viewmodel that you can leverage.

If you want the page to do something specific on a button press then I'd suggest putting the code in there.

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