I just want to port the following code from Java which uses Log4j (v2.8.2):

ConsoleAppender appender = ConsoleAppender.newBuilder().

The problem is with newBuilder() method which is defined as some kind of recursive generic in log4j:

public static <B extends Builder<B>> B newBuilder() {
    return new Builder<B>().asBuilder();

Java code infers the generic parameter automatically which is not the case for Kotlin. Is there any solution to call this method in Kotlin?

The code I have tried in Kotlin:

val appender = ConsoleAppender.newBuilder().withName("ConsoleAppender").build()

It has the following error:

Error:(90, 48) Kotlin: Type inference failed: Not enough information to infer parameter B in fun !> newBuilder(): B! Please specify it explicitly.

When the code is converted from Java automatically on paste, it sets some stub newBuilder<B>(), where B is not defined and I have no idea what it should be.

  • Could you include the code you tried and the error message you got – jrtapsell Apr 1 at 19:05
  • In the line that you tried, I don't see how exactly the compiler should infer the type. In the Java sample, you declare the type explicitly, but you don't in Kotlin. – hotkey Apr 1 at 20:58
  • Have you tried specifying the appender type explicitly? Like: val appender : ConsoleAppender = ... – user221256 Apr 2 at 9:29
  • Yes, tried it now, the same error. – vagran Apr 2 at 12:22
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Log4J seems to use a builder pattern, that in Kotlin requires every open, non-abstract class to have two builders: one generic, that can be extended by subclasses, and one non-generic that can be instantiated.

Since you probably do not want to modify Log4J, I would consider using reflection:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
val builder = ConsoleAppender::class.java.getMethod("newBuilder").invoke(null) as ConsoleAppender.Builder<*>
val appender = builder.withName("ConsoleAppender").build()


See my answer at discuss.kotlinlang.org:

Recursive generic in Builder pattern

  • Ended up with using this solution for now. – vagran May 29 at 7:43

I found wait how to resolve this for log4j2 configuration, please see sample:

// create concrete type just to call method
// however, we should not use it, because of possible runtime casting issues
private class ConsoleBuilder : ConsoleAppender.Builder<ConsoleBuilder>()

private fun createAppender(configuration: Configuration): ConsoleAppender {
    // hide our temporary class immediately, to avoid runtime type casting issue
    return (ConsoleAppender.newBuilder<ConsoleBuilder>() as ConsoleAppender.Builder<ConsoleBuilder>).apply {
  • I checked this solution, it works. But I am in doubt about this hack with type casting exception which is thrown if the casted expression is assigned to a builder variable. Is this compiler implementation dependent? Is it guaranteed to be working on the future versions? – vagran May 28 at 12:22

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