Often, when learning a language I'll write a server of some sort. Does gforth have the capability to use network sockets?

I don't see anything about sockets in the manual.

Though I don't see any documentation about it, there is a socket.fs which binds to libc.

Provided under the GNU FDL, from Rossetta code by IanOsgood (commit)

include unix/socket.fs

128 constant size

: (echo) ( sock buf -- sock buf )
    cr ." waiting..."
    2dup 2dup size read-socket nip
    dup 0>
    ."  got: " 2dup type
    rot write-socket
  drop drop drop ;

create buf size allot

: echo-server ( port -- )
  cr ." Listening on " dup .
  dup 4 listen
    dup accept-socket
    cr ." Connection!"
    buf ['] (echo) catch
    cr ." Disconnected (" . ." )"
    drop close-socket
  again ;

12321 echo-server

However, ymmv

nc localhost 12321

There are no Keepalives so you'll logically get disconnects from that.

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