I was looking to install this package - https://github.com/faustbrian/Laravel-Invoice and when doing composer require faustbrian/laravel-invoice I received an error stating:

Installation request for faustbrian/laravel-invoice ^1.1 -> satisfiable by faustbrian/laravel-invoice[1.1.0]. - Conclusion: remove laravel/framework v5.6.15 - Conclusion: don't install laravel/framework v5.6.15 - faustbrian/laravel-invoice 1.1.0 requires illuminate/support 5.4. || 5.5.* -> satisfiable by illuminate/support[5.4.x-dev, 5.5.x-dev, v5.4.0, v5.4.13, v5.4.17, v5.4.19, v5.4.27, v5.4.36, v5.4.9, v5.5.0, v5.5.16, v5.5.17, v5.5.2, v5.5.28, v5.5.33, v5.5.34, v5.5.35, v5.5.36, v5.5.37, v5.5.39, v5.5.40]. - illuminate/support 5.4.x-dev conflicts with laravel/framework[v5.6.15].*

Is there a way to install this package without using an older version of Laravel (in this case 5.4)?


You can't. Just wait the package update to support your current laravel framework or downgrade your laravel


You can wait package upgrade to support laravel 5.6

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