I was trying to convert apk to source code. When I entered below command

./d2j-dex2jar.sh classes.dex

I got this exception:

com.googlecode.d2j.DexException: not support version.
at com.googlecode.d2j.reader.DexFileReader.<init>(DexFileReader.java:151)
at com.googlecode.d2j.reader.DexFileReader.<init>(DexFileReader.java:211)
at com.googlecode.dex2jar.tools.Dex2jarCmd.doCommandLine(Dex2jarCmd.java:104)
at com.googlecode.dex2jar.tools.BaseCmd.doMain(BaseCmd.java:288)
at com.googlecode.dex2jar.tools.Dex2jarCmd.main(Dex2jarCmd.java:32)

Version of my apk is Oreo and dexcompiler is dex2jar-2.0. As much as I Know this dexcompiler supports upto N version (correct me if I am wrong). I have searched about this exception, but I didn't find any answers.

Please help me to resolve this exception

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  • Try filing an issue with dex2jar? It sounds like it just needs to be updated. – Antimony Apr 3 '18 at 2:09

I had the same problem. Used the updated version. Now it works fine.


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