I need to write a method of a function that does the following:

  • Divides the text into words;
  • Prints words that are different from the first word;
  • And before that converts each word according to the following rule:

    If the word is odd, then removes its middle letter.

The result is displayed on the screen and in a text file.

  • Please, provide the piece of code you have accomplished to write. Also, feel free to check here on how to post a proper question. – E.Z. Apr 2 '18 at 9:23
  • The fact of the matter is that I do not know where to start – Вадим Мороз Apr 2 '18 at 9:25

Here's a function that will give you the list of different words:

(deffunction munge (?text)
   (bind ?w1 (explode$ ?text))
   (bind ?w2 (create$))
   (progn$ (?w ?w1)
      (bind ?len (str-length ?w))
      (if (oddp ?len)
           (bind ?nw (str-cat (sub-string 1 (div ?len 2) ?w)
                               (sub-string (+ (div ?len 2) 2) ?len ?w)))
           (bind ?w2 (create$ ?w2 ?nw))
           (bind ?w2 (create$ ?w2 (str-cat ?w)))))
    (bind ?first (nth$ 1 ?w2))
    (bind ?rest (rest$ ?w2))
    (bind ?w3 (create$))
    (progn$ (?w ?w2)
      (if (neq ?w ?first)
         (bind ?w3 (create$ ?w3 ?w))))
CLIPS> (munge "red green blue purple brown green white red black blue")
("gren" "blue" "purple" "brwn" "gren" "whte" "blck" "blue")

I suggest you to start with some basic documentation.

An example:


You should look at multi-field built-in functions.

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