Installed latest version of Logstash in windows machine and tried to execute the below configuration .

stdout {codec => rubydebug}


output data is not showing the format. do u need install rubydebug plugin. how can u install in windows? what is the command to execute ?


Configure file:logstash-simple.conf in logstash directory

input { stdin { } }
output {
  elasticsearch { hosts => ["localhost:9200"] }
  stdout { codec => rubydebug }

then run the following command from windows(my case)

bin\logstash.bat -f logstash-simple.conf
  • Why we need elasticsearch ? can you please provide more light on this – Learn Hadoop Apr 2 '18 at 13:39
  • After updating with .conf file, the output is 2018-04-02T13:39:17.620Z helpmetolearn-machine Hello world .. output format not expected one. i am expecting @Version ,host ,timestamp fileds – Learn Hadoop Apr 2 '18 at 13:42
  • If you are using elasticsearch , then the above configuration, If you are not using elasticsearch , you can skip the line. – GoutamS Apr 2 '18 at 14:12

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